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Wise Playful Woman

In our Western societies the feminine has been suppressed and subordinated for centuries. Today, more than ever, it is clear that the world is in turmoil and yearns for a new balance. The feminine needs to be restored, but first there are many wounds to heal. Collectively and in our personal lives. Women have been limited for too long and it is high time that we break free. To do that, we need to thoroughly examine ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, our patterns, and our past. We even need to clean up our cells so that we can rise like a phoenix from our ashes and be free, playful and wild again. In Wise Playful Woman Veerle Phara provides practical tools and keys to liberate yourself from old roles and patterns, to plunge into the dark void and to get to the bottom of it, to finally reappear as a reborn, sensual, wise woman.

Temples of the Black Sun

Temples of the Black Sun. Remembering, liberating and empowering of feminine energy
for now in Dutch, the English translation will be for November

Veerle Phara, female warrior, medicine woman and spiritual guide, travels deeper, higher and wider
than ever in this book. From her soul mission to re-member our fierce feminine power, honour it and
cherish it with love and respect, she holds up a mirror to us and she conjures with a fiery, radical

She explores the Black Sun, a blazing source of primal feminine power and an infinite creative field of
possibilities. Once marginalised by patriarchy and the church, it is now once again accessible to those who wish to tap into it.

She connects with the Black Sisters and brings their energy and wisdom back
to earth. In this way, she supports building the New Earth and unleashes a true revolution. The
collective feminine may be restored and we can all contribute to this, women as well as men.

She inspires women to get rid of old ballast, to release and make room for the new. She teaches us about the power of totems and the magic of the number 13.

She reveals the secrets of the Sphinx and the Serpent and initiates us through new symbols and rituals.

Temples of the Black Sun is a dazzling book, full of mystical knowledge, wondrous trance journeys
and with a powerful, revolutionary message.
Carla Rosseels, Author and Celebrant

Veerle Phara is a medicine woman, coach, keeper of earth, fire, sweatlodges and temazcales, keeper
of ancient rituals and initiations.

Books can be ordered through me.

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