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Wise Playful Woman

In our Western societies the feminine has been suppressed and subordinated for centuries. Today, more than ever, it is clear that the world is in turmoil and yearns for a new balance. The feminine needs to be restored, but first there are many wounds to heal. Collectively and in our personal lives. Women have been limited for too long and it is high time that we break free. To do that, we need to thoroughly examine ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, our patterns, and our past. We even need to clean up our cells so that we can rise like a phoenix from our ashes and be free, playful and wild again. In Wise Playful Woman Veerle Phara provides practical tools and keys to liberate yourself from old roles and patterns, to plunge into the dark void and to get to the bottom of it, to finally reappear as a reborn, sensual, wise woman.

Temple of the Black Sun

In Ancient times, matriarchal cultures, people regarded the Sun as the radiating power of the feminine.
The Seven Sisters of the Black Sun are the counterparts of the 7 sisters of the Pleiades who were banned by the church and patriarchy for centuries. These Seven Sisters are chaos, serpents, primal, wild, raw, dark feminine primal power. They bring us Ancient Feminine wisdom and invite us to remember ancient wisdom which we have forgotten as women. They help us to reignite the truth behind so many lies and the preconceived ideas we were brought up with, and wish to restore feminine values. What is the truth behind stories and lies that so many women before us and ourselves have been raised with?

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