Creative Coaching

Learn to Embody, Empower & Express

Coaching is a holistic, creative and intuitive interaction between a coach and a client. Learning to feel and experience who you really are apart from old conditions, patterns and thoughts. Learning to free yourself from pain, sadness, frustration, fear or any emotion that is deeply anchored in your organs, pelvis, womb, yoni. Remembering that you are not your emotions. Your emotions are mirrors or shadows that help you to grow and remember who you truly are on a deeper level.

Embody, Empower & Express… embody and embrace what lives inside you, give it the strength or gentleness it needs, and express it the way it wishes to heal, through any form of creation (sound, image, movement, constellation, play…).

The essence of a coaching session is to support you in your process of changing and seeking keys that can help you to open up and change in the direction you wish to go or who you wish to become or to be. It unlocks your potential and helps to empower you to increase awareness and consciousness. It is gentle, warm, deep healing. We work beyond the words, into images, constellations, forms, symbols, colours.

We no longer need to live in separation. Whatever backpack we carry with us from our birth or early childhood, whatever trauma or karma we came into this world with, there is always and for everyone a path to unity and connection with the universal source of love, light, trust, creation, and with your inner self, with your heart and soul.