Embracing the Dark Feminine

The intense and transformational menopause and the path to the wise woman within myself, brought me to the Dark Feminine and to a deeper understanding and expression of my soul mission on earth.

I have done a lot of research on the Dark Feminine over the past few years. I wrote a book about it: Temples of the Black Sun. Remembering, Releasing and Empowering Feminine Energy. ‘She’ comes to bring me wisdom in ceremonies, inner and outer journeys, in dreams, rituals and meditations … Embodying the dark feminine is a path in which so much is yet to be discovered.

The dark feminine is not something you can simply mold into a concept or an archetype, which is often done in order to grasp and understand it. There are several dark feminine archetypes that appear in different mythologies and spiritual traditions, from Femme Fatale to Kali to Lilith, Hecate and Medusa to many other mythological figures and female movie stars….

Dark feminine energy is often considered the “shadow side” of the divine feminine, encompassing subconscious thoughts, emotional impulses and primal instincts.

What do archetypes really mean and why do we need them? Why is so much attention paid to them? Do they really serve to support us? What archetypes have transcended? Arche derives from Greek and means beginning, principle, original, ancient. C.G. Jung invented the word archetype in the early 20th century to “characterize” people. But isn’t the idea of putting people into types actually archaic? As a kind of labeling to compartmentalize us all because in the end we can all basically be reduced to a number of Types? Doesn’t that put us back into boxes or make us put ourselves into boxes? Why do we put a label on people or, even better, do we allow ourselves to be labeled? Don’t they show us a vague reflection of who we really are? What we would or would not do, what or where we study, live, who we should interact with and in what ways? Even more far-reaching, to what extent do all media play into roles and archetypes?

(Source: my first book Wise Playful Woman. Keys to being a True and Authentic Woman, to remembering and integrating our primal power and joy. )

In the image of ‘History,’ archetypes fit perfectly. But in ‘Herstory‘ we still have so much to discover and remember. So-called ‘archetypes’ like Lilith, Kali, etc… are just a few images of what the Dark Feminine is really about. There is still so much to heal, transform and remember within the feminine.

It is necessary that women come together, that we can embrace, heal, release and/or transform guilt and shame, our lack of self-respect, self-confidence and self-esteem, our victimhood, our wounds, traumas, grief and pain. It is necessary that we as women can change something in the collective feminine, that we can step out of victimhood and insecurities, that we can step out of manipulation, step out of dependency, step out of wounded feminine energy. That we can finally see that our deepest wounds are our greatest strength, if we have the courage to take steps, to ‘Stand’, to ‘Step Forward’, to ‘Remember’, to ‘Free’ ourselves from the yoke of centuries of oppression and to take up our ‘Guardianship’.

What is easily referred to as a ‘concept,’ the Dark Feminine is not ‘something’ we can simply name. Like the “Wild Woman”.  Sometimes we think we are ‘Wild’ and ‘Dark’ when we wear long skirts or just a tight sexy outfit, scream and be loose, release all when we are at a festival and/or we possess a solid portion of passion, creativity and seductive and persuasive powers. Thus, we do get presented with an image of some models or movie stars. On the other hand, darkness is far too quickly and too easily linked (from the archetypal images) with our shadow side. As long as we do that, we never come to the true meaning and sense of the Dark Feminine. After all, why should the dark be our shadow side and not an authentic part of ourselves?

We have lost the true connection to ‘dark’ over the centuries. There is as much joy, love, warmth and creative power in “dark” as there is in “light.  In my experience, there is even more magical creative power in the dark as there is in the light. Just think of the dark womb we spend up to 9 months in before we are born, or the immense volcanic force with which lava is forced up and out of the darkest of the inner earth. There is a heavy load on darkness from the patriarchal, hierarchical, woman-unfriendly world and services to one God. The fertile, full, magical, colorful, imcredible powerful and mysterious energy that lives in darkness has been pushed away, undermined, raped, manipulated and violated. We have only a fraction of an idea of what this really means and what it can really offer the new earth and new humanity. I have been allowed to connect with it in Egypt, the Andes, Mexico, Nagaland and through all my experiences around my book Temples of the Black Sun.

Recognizing and remembering the Dark Feminine begins with deep centering within ourselves, in the earth and in connection with the cosmos. As the universe is pitch black, so is the inner earth. The deeper our roots in the dark earth, the higher our connection to the dark cosmos. So first we have to restore our connection to the earth and the universe to restore.

Embracing the dark, mysterious, magical, fertile forces of life can give us confidence, peace, depth and wisdom in times of chaos and transformation. They remind us that these forces are natural and essential parts of the cycle of life and that by embracing them we can come to a deeper sense of our true identity.

This dark feminine energy represents the fiery, transformative side of femininity that fuels the cycles of death and rebirth. She can be destructive and/or creative. She is our upward energy and reconnects us to the number thirteen. A powerful matriarchal number that restores our “guardianship” on earth. Being a keeper is to materialize on earth what you are truly here for, from your heart and soul. Taking responsibility for your life on earth and for those who are dear to you. Daring to say no if something is not within your guardianship, but also daring to say yes and accept the consequences, obstacles, doubts and setbacks. Beyond ego. Dare to take your place on earth, in the world, and not wait. But also allow others their place. What belongs to you and what does not?

Women have lost their fundamental upward and downward power that allows them to connect with something greater than themselves. After all, upward energy has become privilege of the phallus and women are labeled “Mothers”. This leaves us stuck, in the water, in drama, in stories and ancestral traumas, horizontal energies that hinder us. The archetypal ‘Mater’ labels us with the nurturing side of femininity associated with birth and motherhood.  A beautiful, loving task, and we are also much more than that.

The dark feminine force, like a volcano erupting, is an energy that arises from within and is pushed up or out. When a woman goes into a trance and connects with her inner fire, she is all verticality.

(read more: order Temples of the Black Sun! Remembering, Liberating and Empowering Feminine Energy)

On the one hand, the Dark Feminine is in every woman; it is in our cells, in our DNA and in our womb. In other words, every woman embodies the Dark Feminine. We may make space for it (again) and appropriate it again. Step by step. Not by “doing,” but by consciously absorbing and remembering it again through a (transitional) ritual. Remembering the dark in ourselves, in our cells, DNA, womb, heart and soul. As an inherent part of us, present in nature and in our nature as women. It will open your path to becoming whole, to independence, empowerment and your true identity.

Walking the Path of the Dark Feminine as a soul mission, however, is of a different nature that is not just for every woman. It is not what you “do” but who you “are” because that is exactly what you are on earth for, from your authentic, true being. To support the earth, humanity, women individually and collectively remember the Dark Feminine.

I have been embodying this energy for a long time, through ceremonies, sweat lodges, rituals and initiations. I have been literally and figuratively raped so I could not remember the Dark Feminine and my mission on earth. Which through it all, thankfully, and thanks to my powerful soul and relentless search for “Who Am I?”, I was allowed to remember what she can do for me and for others. Through menopause, when your blood flow stops and transforms into wisdom, it finally became clear to me why I am here on earth.

My book, Temples of the Black Sun, is the first part of my deep embodiment of the Dark Feminine. The Seven Black Sisters, after centuries of exile, found their way back to Earth. I am one of the keepers who may receive and transmit their messages on Earth. They carry the source of the Dark Feminine within them.

They are keepers of the field of primal consciousness and want to pass on Herstory instead of History. They want to destroy old myths, values, norms and patterns and create space for what we really need on earth. So that we can become conscious and remember who we really are.

As a guardian of the Dark Feminine, I respectfully and lovingly take up my soul mission in guiding women in remembering the Dark Feminine within themselves, in liberating and transforming this essential aspect within themselves, beyond old soul contracts, old (ancestral) patterns, values and norms, cutting umbilical cords, guiding women in listening to their own voice and not that of their mother or father, embracing their fears and appropriating their power (also read Wise Playful Woman)… a particularly enriching path, connected to the source of the cosmos on earth and ancient wisdom.

We still have a long way to go on the path of liberation and empowerment of the dark feminine in ourselves and in the collective field. But the gateway is open. Ahé!

Veerle Phara

8 of June 2024