Temple of the Black Sun

Inner Feminine Fire Ritual Aljezur

As long as we as women remain stuck in masculine values and patterns concerning the fire, and memories like the witch burnings, we can never fully embrace, honor and use our inner feminine fire.
We are daughters of the earth, of water, of fire, of air and wind, of the sun, moon and stars. When we remember that, we know and feel protected, safe, carried.

This Inner Feminine Fire is a new ritual  that I received in the Andes through the connection with the spirits of the mountains and the caves. It heals and supports women to go deep into their own inward spiral into the black earth. To open their pelvis and yoni to the feminine fire power of the earth, sucking the fire deep from the earth through their yoni and letting it flow into their bodies like a spiral. This initiation makes us remember what is true and what is not, what we were once taught and what true wisdom is. It makes us remember that we carry within us a rising earth fire. It helps us to heal the old image that burns women and free them from old blockages. It supports us to take back the healing fire within us, to bring the fire to our voice. When we can bring the fire to our voice, we can speak our truth, make decisions, and go through life grounded and focused.

This initiation ritual will take place in a beautiful yurt in Aljezur, Portugal

* a sharing on our connection with fire
* a powerful and healing initiation inner fire ritual to reconnect our bodies to the feminine fire, deep within the earth. A ritual created in supporting sisterhood, empowering each other and empowering ourselves.

register & info: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org
Contribution: € 45,-

More information on Veerle Phara
coach, medicine woman, earth & fire keeper, sweatlodge & temazcal keeper: https://templeoftheearth.org/about-veerle-phara/


Mar 05 2023


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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