The Rite of Passage of the Black Sun is an intense awakening process that includes 7 initiation rituals of the Snake.

It is a entirely new path that supports women to remember what we have forgotten throughout the ages.

It even goes way beyond the Ñusta Karpay initiation path because even the Ñusta Karpay, although it awakens the feminine energy inside us on a beautiful rainbow initiation path, it still has many masculine aspects in the whole structure.

One of the most ancient mother cultures in Latin America, has its Temple in Chavin. Chavin was a mother culture connected to the spirit of the Snake. Chavin was also the home of the Huachuma, the sacred San Pedro cactus. Chavin houses two Snake spirits. A snake is connected to the upperworld, connected to the power of the sun and to the universe, it brings wisdom in its source from the cosmos. And she is connected to the inner earth, to mother earth.  Snake crawls into caverns where no one else can go, shedding Her skin to emerge as reborn. She knows how to connected the power of the universe and the power of mother earth together in her body, in her cells.

She keeps on growing, that is why she de-skins from time to time when she grows out of her skin.

The spirit of the snake connects us to life force and sexual energy. Snake guards with her venom the mystery of death, life and rebirth through the focussing directing of life force. Among the Celts, Snake was also seen as keeper of springs dedicated to the Goddess. Usually this was Brighid who was the Goddess of springs, fire,  and creative energy.

Dear sister, are you ready to awaken the spirit of the Black Sun inside yourself and receive wisdom from the dephts of your cells, dna, heart and soul that you need to remember?

This initiation is only done in (small) groups and requieres a weekend.

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